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About us
Jerry Justic

A pattern of success started early....

Jerry Justic, owner of Alcamo Realty, a full service realty in Garden City South.

With a high educational and business background, and a degree in Engineering, Jerry rose to District Manager for McDonnell Douglas. But his initial passion was the real estate business. He was and is  very active in the Knights of Columbus, Sons of Italy, and is a member of the Garden City Chamber of Commerce & West Hempstead Civic Association.



Since he is very community oriented, has a large family presence in the area, and has lived locally for 20 years, the transition was imminent to work for the community.

Thus, became the birth of Alcamo Realty on 26 Nassau Boulevard. Jerry has developed his business into a Full-Service Realty, meaning they handle commercial and residential sales, leasing and building management.

Alcamo Realty pre-qualifies all prospective buyers to eliminate those from the non-serious. The business is well networked with lenders to arrange financing, 100% if necessary. All of Alcamo's services are offered in an effort to make the customers experience go smoothly without any hidden surprises. To top his full service offerings, Alcamo Realty sells at reduced commissions!

So here you have a person with a successful history, contacts from community involvement, covering all aspects of Real Estate, including financing, all for a most moderate commission. Now, that's an unbeatable combination

Thinking of buying or selling? Think S.O.L.D. That's "S" for Satisfaction. "O" for Obligation: None. "L" for Low Commission. "D" for Dependable Service.

Jerry's office and his highly trained staff can be reached at 516-486-1619.


Bruno DiGrigoli

The most notable characteristic of Bruno DiGrigoli is that he is a person you can trust, a person who always strives to gain your confidence. Bruno is totally community oriented. He is a long-time resident of Franklin Square and a graduate of North High School. His family owns  Aurora Bakery in the heart of town, and are widely known and highly respected in the community.

Bruno's caring attitude as an individual carries over into his profession as a Real Estate Agent, where he is always known to go that extra mile, to extend himself in any way possible to insure his customers satisfaction. To do so, he always makes himself available to his customers to answer their questions and explain the details that  may make or break a successful purchase or sale of a house.

Just ask, and he will refer you to any number of former customers who will readily attest to the ease, efficiency, and courtesy with which he handles the most delicate complicated situations. If you are looking for a trouble-free experience in buying or selling a house, look no further. Bruno DiGrigoli is your man!







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